Set Up New PC

So you just got a new computer & are ready to set it up? You likely bought a Windows PC, so the steps below are geared for that specifically (Mac/Linux steps are similar though).

Once you plug the power in and turn it on it will have you connect to your router/wifi & then sign in with a Microsoft account. If you don’t already have one you can create a free account.

Once you login with your password or PIN you’ll likely want to make a few adjustments:

  • Web Browsers – You can download the new MS Edge which allows you to sync your bookmarks/password/settings. Firefox is another great browser privacy-wise, & you can setup extensions like the “Facebook Container” to avoid Facebook tracking your information across other websites you visit. Chrome is also nice specifically for playing YouTube videos on another device.
  • Office / Microsoft 365 – If you have a paid Microsoft 365 account you also have additional features like Outlook for managing e-mail/calendar, OneNote for organizing notes, & Skype for contacting others.
  • Cloud / Manual Backup – You should also sync what you have on your mobile phone. OneDrive is also included with Microsoft 365, so you can use that app to sync photos/videos in your camera roll automatically in the cloud & access it anywhere. If you prefer to manually sync, just use the appropriate application (e.g. iTunes for iPhone).
  • Other – You can also download meeting software like Zoom or MS Teams, which is great if you ever need to share your screen with someone to help you out with a computer issue. You can also get Adobe Reader for reading PDF documents, as well as other useful features such as digitally signing documents.

You’ll likely also want to access files that you’ve had access to on your other computers. If you put everything in OneDrive then you should see those right away. Or if you haven’t, make sure you manually copy them over using a USB drive or over the network.

Those are my essentials, although everyone has different needs. You may also want to add games, music, or other applications that you use regularly.

What are your top apps that you use daily? Let us know in the comments

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